SYM Symphony SR 125cc EURO 4

April: 20.00 euro per a day – 55,00 euro three days- 130,00 euro seven days.
May / June / October: 25,00 euro per day – 70,00 euro three days – 155,00 euro seven days
July / September: 30,00 euro per day – 85,00 euro three days – 190,00 euro seven days
August: 35,00 euro per day – 100,00 euro three days – 220,00 euro seven days

The Symphony SR combines comfort with super aggressive design and great stability.
Four-stroke – air-cooled
Wheels 16 ”
Large storage space under the saddle.
Rear-front daisy-type daisy disc brakes with double-acting caliper and combined braking system (CBS)
Central – side stand
Built-in luggage rack
Flat floor
Built-in front glove box
Innovative digital dial
Great comfortable saddle
Folding passenger sills


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